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Wonderful Spirit

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Are you feeling stressed? On edge? Generally out-of-sorts? 

Would you like to promote a feeling of tranquility and calm into your space?

When used as a focus or aid in meditation, Crystals are believed to have the power to affect moods and feelings by  balancing your Chakras.

Amethyst crystals have been used for thousands of years, in many cultures around the world from the Greeks and Romans, through China and India, through to Western Europe in Medieval times where Churchmen and Royalty used the crystal.

The stone is believed to protect and cleanse the energy of its owner and promote a deep feeling of peace by opening up your mind to a deeper, meaningful, peaceful vision when they are in contact with the crystal.

These wonderful natural crystals are available in a selection of sizes and will enhance any living space.

Choose from : 2-300g, 5-600g, or 900g-1kg.

This is a natural product and every one is unique- photos are for illustration only as your crystal will be a unique specimen, within the size range you choose.

Properties believed to be held by Amethyst include:

Activating spiritual awareness; the crystal has outstanding healing and cleansing powers. It does this by opening intuition and enhancing psychic abilities of a person.

Amethyst is believed to do this by producing a calming effect to the mind and stimulating the body hence keeping people focused and aware of occurrence in their surroundings.

Free Delivery- please allow 2-3 weeks for your crystal to arrive as we are experiencing high demand at the moment. Thanks for your understanding!