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Wonderful Spirit

Eco-Friendly Cotton mesh shopping bag- LARGE

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Tired of having to buy yet another plastic "Bag for Life" every time you pop to the shops to pick up that one item ( which always turns into 10...)?

This eco-friendly product is reusable, washable and long-lasting!

It folds up small in your bag and looks good too! This is our larger bag, we also have a smaller bag for just a few items.

In a range of bright colours, it is a deceptively generous size

Free Delivery - please alow 2-3 weeks for delivery so please bear with us, we are working as hard as we can to get your item to you!

Please note that colour may vary slightly from the photo- and at present we only stock a selection of the vast range available so there may be a few in the group photos which we do not have in stock currently

total Mesh bag length: about 41cm
Mesh bag width: about 29.5cm
Hand strap length: about 19cm