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  • polished coconut shell bowl for snacks, breakfast
  • natural coconut shell wooden bowl cereal bowl
  • coconut shell wooden bowl cereal bowl
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Wonderful Spirit

Handmade Coconut shell wooden bowl

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Do you hate it when "suddenly" the whole pack of treats "disappears" in one sitting- and especially when your friend seems to have eaten them all in front of you?

Well, these lovely little coconut shell bowls will let you portion out the pack so you can share it out or just give yourself the amount you actually wanted and not munch through the whole lot before you realise you've eaten the lot!!

Not available in the shops!

These unique bowls have the "WOW" factor, we have never seen anything like them before and we just love them.

Available singly, in a pack of 3 or a pack of 5, all with FREE delivery,

Easy to rinse clean, stacks away in a neat little stack, totally natural material- literally a polished coconut shell! 

FREE delivery, please allow 2-3 weeks for product to arrive as we are experiencing high demand at the moment! We will dispatch as soon as we can so please bear with us :-)