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Wonderful Spirit

Rechargeable Ultrasonic Humidifier and aroma diffuser

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This elegant Ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier  looks great in any setting, home or office.

Add a diffuser oil to fragrance the room at the same time.

Plain, simple design and colours, uses rechargeable battery (via USB)  and the large 750ml capacity will last all day (or night) even in  a larger room.

It adds back in the moisture to the air that the modern internal environment takes away. This dry environment is perfect for germs and viruses to spread and adding back humidity inhibits their spread. It also moisturises the inside of your nose as you breathe, making a much more hostile environment for viruses and bacteria and helping to keep them at bay.

Free Delivery- please allow around 2-3 weeks for delivery, we are experiencing high demand at the moment , so please be patient with us !