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Wonderful Spirit

Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser with Starry Sky night light for kids

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This wonderful Ultrasonic Diffuser and Humidifier will purify the air in your room and replace the moisture lost with Central Heating. Also functions as an aroma diffuser.

Not available in the shops!

Use as a night light for kids with its night light projector of a Starry Sky - changing LED lights.

You can add Diffuser oil: Essential Oils or Fragrances (not included, available from our site) to enhance your mood or to liven your spirit with a lovely fresh aroma.

LED lights can enhance your mood, can be used as a night light or in a living space among your indoor plants to enhance the atmosphere. The beautiful Starry Sky pattern looks amazing, will project the colour of your choice around your room- especially good in a kids bedroom !

Select from Gold or Silver case.

Runs off a USB, has a large 500ml capacity with continuous or intermittent settings to last all day, night or evening as required. Automatic low water cutoff to prevent damage.

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