Wonderful Spirit

We specialise in sourcing unusual and unique products for the home; Home Decor, Spiritual and Kitchenware in particular.

We love natural products, natural textures and handmade items which you can't get in the shops.

Choose from our lovely kitchen accessories; coconut bowlsjapanese bowls and more. Try our wax cotton food wraps instead of using non-biodegradeable cling film to wrap your food.

Browse our collection of aroma diffusers and night lights- add a diffuser oil and fragrance your room. Or perhaps add a splash of colour with our lovely indian-style bed throws.

For Mum and Baby, take a look at our Bamboo/cotton fibre bibs and blankets.

Check out our Home Decor items, from unique lamps to unusual figurines...

We just love natural products and how they look and feel. We choose lovely products to enhance your home and your life- hope you love them as much as we do!


Home Decor

Home Decor

Our Home Decor collection is an eclectic mix of products to enhance... 

  • We love our customers!

    Yes, we love our customers even more than we love our decorated coconut bowls!

    And that is saying something!

    In addition to keeping prices as low as possible while sourcing our collection of home decor gifts and accessories, we also aim to provide fantastic customer service. We process orders within 24 hours so that you get your product as soon as possible.

    Got a question or suggestion? We are happy to help.

    You can email us, and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Christmas Gifts

    Yes, it had to be said! But never fear, we can help!

    So many of our products are suitable as great Christmas gifts- take a look around our store!

    Don't miss our figurines- colourful resin animal figures of Reindeer, Dachshunds, Chihuahas or Bulldogs.

    Or for Mum and baby, check out our Bamboo-fibre bibs and blankets.

    For the man who has everything, maybe our colourful socks?

    Or for the spiritual among us, take a look at our spiritual collection- we have a large selection of amazing crystals available.

    For more home decor ideas, maybe one of our funky lamps, we have a selection of mouse lamps and crow lamps which are quirky, original and different!

    Problem solved!!!

  • Latest additions

    We are always adding to our collections, see here for our latest products...

    Reindeer figurine

    Decorated Poodle figurine

    Chakra crystals

    Bamboo muslin baby blanket

    Butterfly wall decorations